Combat Pilots of WWII is a tribute to pilots I photographed* or interviewed starting in 2007 with the last pilots photographed in 2016 (although I am still actively looking for more – if you know a living veteran who was a pilot in WWII, please contact me).

So far there are 32 pilots in the project from ten countries including the USA, England, Scotland, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.    

I am writing a book incorporating the photos and stories of each of the pilots. Please subscribe to be kept informed of developments with the book.

I have completed a short book of the US pilots called US FIGHTER ACE LEGENDS OF WWII. This is available for download now. Please email me for the link.  

I shall also post videos of interviews and audio records to my YouTube page Combat Pilots from WWII to Now.

John Martin Bradley

September 2018.


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*I photographed all the pilots except for the American pilots who were photographed by Michael Shoenholtz who is based in Portland, Oregon and Quinn O’Connell in New Zealand who photographed the Dam Buster’s pilot Squadron Leader Les Munro.

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